The Selfie Stand

The Selfie Stand is the perfect option if you are limited on space or budget!

The Selfie Stand is freestanding and constructed from solid steel, making it sturdy. 

Because of its size, it is quick and easy to set up, which makes  it a convenient alternative to provide a fun, yet low cost, photo booth experience. 

Guests stand in front of the Selfie Stand and touch the screen to initiate the Photo Booth App.  The Photos are taken using the iPad which is securely embedded in the frame of the Selfie Stand.

The Selfie Stand Features

  • Photos can be Printed by Connecting the iPad to a Wi-Fi Printer (this comes at an extra cost)
  • Custom Templates can be Uploaded
  • Photos can be Uploaded to Facebook
  • Photos can be e-mailed to guests

The Selfie Stand Packages

All packages include the hire of The Selfie Stand, booth attendant, unlimited visits to the booth and basket of regular props to make your pictures memorable.

  • 4 hours all-inclusive Selfie Stand hire from £275
  • 4 hours all-inclusive Selfie Stand hire including printing from £300
  • 6 hours all-inclusive Selfie stand hire from £300
  • 6 hours all-inclusive Selfie Stand hire including printing from £350

Regular Props - Included in all Packages

Premium Props - Optional Extra

Through the Lens is diverse and has props available for all weddings and parties alike.

*Please note that props are subject to change, due to breakages and replacements, and may not be as they appear in the images above. However props are replaced like for like to the best of our ability.

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